Just Movie Posters.Com was established in January 2000 by Ilena Di Toro of Philadelphia, PA. She got her start by selling childhood treasures on Internet auction sites in 1999. Once those items were sold, she decided to sell movie posters.

"After all, people like going to the movies," Di Toro said. "So, who wouldn't want a movie poster from a favorite movie."

Whether you want a movie poster from the latest movie, collect posters from a specific genre or are just looking for that one of a kind movie poster, chances are you'll find it at Just Movie Posters.Com.

Your questions, comments and wish lists are most welcome. Click here or on Contact to send an email.

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Wouldn't you know it. Members of the old and new media found out about Just Movie Posters.Com. It just goes to show that you can't keep a good thing secret for long. To learn
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    This website was mentioned in the Fupping article of July 10, 2018 titled, "6 Items Every Devoted Film Fan Needs". A movie poster from Just Movie Posters.Com is Number 2 on the list and Number 1 in your hearts. (I know that was corny. Still, I couldn't resist.)

    A certain webmaster (me) was quoted in the Closetbox Blog entry of May 14, 2018.
    The entry deals with toys from the 1980s that are worth lots of money. As always, I say to collect for enjoyment, NOT investment purposes.

    Would you believe that the webmaster of Just Movie Posters.Com, Ilena Di Toro was interviewed on 1210 AM WPHT's Walter Sterling Show? Yes, it is true. I was on the February 19, 2017 show where I talked about this website and movie posters.
    The interview comes in at 23 minutes 11 seconds.

    This very website was featured in the OppLoans Blog of February 1, 2017 titled
    "20 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts." Just Movie Posters.Com is Number 3 on the list.

    Just Movie Posters.Com was featured in the New York City Services Blog of
    January 23, 2017 in a short piece about buying and selling movie memorabilia.

    Just Movie Posters.Com hit the big time (sort of) when webmaster Ilena Di Toro was quoted in an US News & World Report article of August 12, 2016 titled, "Wait! Why You Shouldn't Sell Your Prized Collection for Quick Cash."

    Joe Mason's Podcast of July 28, 2016, which is an online feature of The Bucks County Courier Times, featured an interview with Ilena Di Toro about movie posters and why a person shouldn't buy movie posters or movie memorabilia for investment purposes.

    The 80/20 Movie Show of November 8, 2015 interviewed webmaster Ilena Di Toro about movie posters, movie franchises and movie memorabilia.

    Guess who was interviewed on the Stuart Vener Tells It As It Is radio show of
    January 7, 2015? Yes, it was the humble webmaster of Just Movie Posters.Com.
    The interview comes in 8 minutes and 12 seconds into the program.

    Ilena Di Toro was interviewed on BYU Radio's The Kim Power Stilson Show on September 26, 2014 and the subject was, of course, her website. Di Toro was the second guest on the program.

    Just Movie Posters.Com was featured on Basenet Network's The Hollywood Backlot show of August 2, 2011.