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Just Movie Posters.Com was established in January 2000 by Ilena Di Toro of Philadelphia, PA. She got her start by selling childhood treasures on Internet auction sites in 1999. Once those items were sold, she decided to sell movie posters.

"After all, people like going to the movies," Di Toro said. "So, who wouldn't want a movie poster from a favorite movie."

Whether you want a movie poster from the latest movie, collect posters from a specific genre or are just looking for that one of a kind movie poster, chances are you'll find it at Just Movie Posters.Com.

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    Like I often say, collect for enjoyment not investment purposes. This article from the March 18, 2022 Northeast Times (Philadelphia) is about the worth of collectibles.

    What movie poster website was mentioned in the Gift Bee's "23 Best Lockdown Gifts For Him"? If you answered Just Movie Posters.Com, you are right. To learn more, click on the link. Remember, batteries not included.

    Know a movie buff? The Reel Travels Magazine "2021 Holiday Gift Guide for TV and Movie Fans" is just the gift guide you are looking for, especially since it mentions movie posters from your favorite movie poster website. Ahem, the one known as Just Movie Posters.Com. Click on the link to learn more.

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    Since the humble webmaster, AKA me, works from home on occasion, some work from home tips of mine appeared in the of October 19, 2020 issue of the online publication A Little Pink Book. Just remember to do the tasks with the dollar signs attached to them first.

    Someone was interviewed on The Jiggy Jaguar Show on June 27, 2020. Who was that person? The humble owner of Just Movie Posters.Com, AKA me. Listen and be enlightened or just enjoy the interview.

    An article titled "23 Movies That These People Say Deserve A Sequel" appeared in the of July 12, 2019 issue of the online publication eFor-Real. This article featured my suggestion that a certain film from 1989 is due for a sequel. What film did I suggest? All I will say here is that it isn't a superhero film and it is Number 23 on the list.

    Just Movie Posters.Com hit the big time (sort of) when webmaster Ilena Di Toro was quoted in an US News & World Report article of August 12, 2016 titled, "Wait! Why You Shouldn't Sell Your Prized Collection for Quick Cash."